About Us

We are the catalysts and change agents who will ignite the Leadership potential in you.

Vision: Leadership education for value creators and game changers for wellbeing of self, organisation, society, country, mankind and mother earth.

Mission: To provide world-class Leadership coaching, teaching, consultancy services and solutions for executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and citizens to achieve their goals and objectives in life and at work. To make it a joy for all who associate and work with us.

Values: Survival, Joy, Will Power, Love, Truth, Insights and Thought

Why us:

Leaders in global Digital economy must not simply be value creators but they must be game-changers. That means Leaders not only address performance gaps in their organization between where they are and where they should be but also prepared to address opportunity gaps, gaps between where they are and where they could be, so that people want them and need them to use their imagination to and create an environment in which other people can use their talents and their passions to come up with new ideas about how to do business.

So Leadership is less about stepping in the direction and trying to get followers simply execute the vision but rather it's more about how to shape a context in which other people can share their passions and their talents with the organization and they can harness those talents and come up with what we refer to as a collective genius. Because we know that everybody has a slice of genius and the most exceptional leaders know how to unleash the slice of genius in everyone who works with the organization and use those slices for the collective good at the organization.

The other thing we see about leaders who can be game-changers is they don't worry so much about I'm the one who has to set direction. What they worry more about if we look at their mindset is how do I help people understand who we are, what we're doing, and what our purposes. When we understand that and we care about that, then we will be willing to share our talents with the organizations and we can build an organization that is very innovative and actually meets the needs of all our stakeholders.

Experience with us:

You will have a sense of anticipation of the unknown. You are going to think about the people that you are working with, the technology, the industry, the competition, the over all economic environment.

Coming from different background, the way you see the world, point of view shaped by your entire background where you come from and you will learn to see that lots of different ways of looking at the same issue. In the learning team or study group you will share your idea and feel free to challenge each other. The more diversity the more problem solving we have.

We are very much interested in your personal and professional development. You have to study to ask the right questions in the class. We are quite ready to work our plan and are also flexible to give up the plan in your best interest.

You should be committed to talk about the subject. There will be some amount of tension about the decision that you are going to make and there are tradeoffs.

Our classrooms are marketplace for ideas and we want you to debate on the philosophy of Leadership. It is not about disseminating knowledge to you, it is about co-creation of knowledge with you.

Team environment brings out the best discussions in everyone. We are responsible for each other’s learning to add to the classroom experience. You may not have all the answers and it is good thing to say ‘I don’t know’.

Leadership education is not about finding the right answers; it is about knowing what questions to ask. And if we can facilitate a classroom environment where students learn how to ask the right questions, then that is where we want to be. It will be intense, compassionate, energetic, you will learn by advocating your own position.

We think that our job is not done unless you are not infused and so energised by what happens in the classroom that you can’t stop talking about it after the class is over.

We all will share the same breath, when you will lean forward and will have an emotional roller coaster, there will be a narrative arc and by the end you just feel like there is a crescendo. Because that is what transformational learning is all about. It is not a transaction that happens in the classroom. It changes the way you look at the world.

What we deliver:

To maintain a healthy pipeline of Leaders within the organization, Leadership Institute Global provides world class coaching; teaching, and consultancy services for mid, senior and top-level Leadership organization.

How we deliver:

The course/program content is customized for each incumbent who enrolls. The course/program content is delivered in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint format only over email. All classes are conducted online through personalised live classroom sessions, Skype and video calls over smart mobile phones on Sundays from 05:30pm to 09:30pm IST / 08:00am to 12:00pm EDT USA as per the need of the incumbent.

Reinvent yourself into: Achiever, Affable, Balanced, Cordial, Creative, Committed, Competent, Capable, Clear, Confident, Dogged, Diligent, Determined, Dependable, Disciplined, Decisive, Driven, Empathetic, Effective, Flexible, Frank, Focussed, Fervent, Goal Oriented, Hardworking, Honest, Insightful, Intense, Leader, Motivated, Proud, Punctual, Passionate, Progressive, Professional, Perseverant, Productive, Persistent, Positive, Polite, Relentless, Resourceful, Resolute, Steady, Solid, Self-improving, Strong, Secure, Team Player, Tenacious, Talented, Unwavering, Zealous.