• Knowing self
  • Discover yourself, reinvent yourself, fine tune and amplify yourself to achieve your personal, professional, social and public goals in life.

    Discover the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal or difficult circumstances. Learn having no fear in your life. Then you will.

    Discover the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Learn having no guilt in your life. Then you feel.

    Discover the faculty by which you decide on initiating actions and to control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain your own impulses. Learn having no letdown and disappointments in your life. Then you can.

    Discover how to develop a strong feeling of affection. Learn having no grief, sadness and loss in your life. Then you love.

    Discover how to be in accordance with fact, reality, accurate and exact. Learn having no denials and lies in your life. Then you speak.

    Discover how to develop the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of people and things. Learn having no illusion in your life. Then you see.

    Discover how to develop an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in your mind. Learn having no attachments in your life. Then you know.

    Discover how to apply your experience, knowledge, skills, and talent with a positive attitude for happiness of your family, productive contribution to the organisation that you work for and the society that you live in.

  • Communication
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently by forms of Dialogue, Negotiation, Public Speaking, and Presentation.

  • Strategy
  • Learn how to design a plan of action and implement it to achieve long-term and overall goals.

  • Team
  • Learn how to build, sustain and lead high performance teams.

  • Performance
  • Learn how to set realistic achievable goals. Build competencies by acquiring knowledge and skills. Apply the same with your talent for contributing in achieving the goals.

  • Results
  • Learn how to achieve quality results within defined parameters.

  • Customer and Clients
  • Learn how to create demand and then capturing it.

  • Psychology
  • Learn about the psychology of success and emotional intelligence.

  • Leadership competencies that you will acquire

    Agile, Ambitious, Approachable, Balanced, Caring, CompassionateComposed, Culturally adept, Decisive, Detail oriented, Driven, Emotionally intelligent, Ethical, Flexible, Honest, Patient, Politically savvy, Results oriented, Self aware, Socially responsible, Technical expert, Tolerant, Transparent, Value driven


    Be accountable: Take initiative, Practice personal accountability, Show personal integrity, Follow their leaders

    Be organized: Get organized, Manage time

    Develop Self: Show learning agility, Develop themselves


    Define direction: Discover customer needs, Think strategically, Think and act globally, Anticipate, Know the external environment, Set vision, Set strategy, Direct the work, Plan effectively, Set goals, Set priorities

    Build the organization: Conduct workforce planning, Design organizations, Manage human resources, Create alignment, Create integration, Create unity, Build teams

    Establish culture: Create a culture of accountability, Create a learning culture, Create a positive work environment, Leverage diversity, Keep work fun


    Deliver Results: Drive performance, Move to action, Improve continuously, Improve processes, Measure performance

    Manage the work Manage customer relationships, Manage the business, Manage processes, Manage projects, Manage risk, Manage finances

    Solve problems Overcome challenges, Simplify complexity, Solve problems, Think creatively, Confront issues, Manage conflict

    Make sound decisions Make good decisions, Make inclusive decisions, Exercise sound judgement, Ask hard questions

    Create change Spawn innovation, Thrive in ambiguity, Manage change, Drive change

    Manage technology Implement social media, Track new technology, Manage technology


    Build talent: Coach others, Assess talent, Mentor others, Develop others, Succession plan, Develop future leaders, Onboard new employees, Hire and staff

    Manage people: Delegate effectively, Give feedback, Give recognition, Set expectations, Manage performance, Motivate others, Engage people, Empower others, Inspire others

    Collaborate: Work across boundaries, Work with senior leaders, Partner with others, Break down silos, Show organizational agility, Network, Counsel with others, Negotiate

    Communicate: Influence and persuade, Listen openly, Communicate effectively, Build relationships, Demonstrate interpersonal skills, Give strong presentations, Facilitate groups, Keep people informed, Build trust, Treat people fairly, Speak up

    The course curriculum is customised as per the requirement of the incumbent. The course is developed and blended based on the 5000 year old management principles of Advaita Vedanta from the Indian Philosophy, 2000 year old from Roman, Chinese, Japanese Philosophy and last 300 years of American Business Management System. Request for the detailed course curriculum by filling in your details on the 'Contact Us' page or just drop a mail at